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  1. Got into MS Hydrometeorology at U of Arizona. TA ship at USD 16076!!!
  2. God damnit! somebody call them or something!
  3. wrote fes a mail. got a reply. "Admissions decision will be emailed the first week in March." I have not clue what that means..just so nervous!!!
  4. Same here! I'm checking my mail after every few minutes. I think I'm getting mentally disturbed due to this waiting!
  5. Hi Anybody waiting for Yale FES Master's (MEM or MESc) Fall 2014 results ????
  6. thanx geographyrocks... yes a professor at UT Austin, He just sent me a mail saying the usual thing - 'I encourage you to apply'. And at Yale, I contacted somebody who said she was interested and she asked me to send my writing samples which I did. At other places..No.. Hoping for a miracle..
  7. Undergrad Institution: One of the top ranking institutes in India Major(s):Civil Engineering Minor(s): GPA in Major: Overall GPA:3.00 Position in Class: no idea Type of Student: international Master's GPA:3.81 GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q:162 V:162 W:4.0 TOEFL Total: 117 Research Experience: 6 months Bachelor Thesis, one year Master's thesis on (ongoing) , Awards/Honors/Recognitions: awarded national fellowship for master's studies Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA in water quality related courses, 6-month full time TA experience as well Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Mi
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