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  1. gentlechaos

    Princeton, NJ

    I'll put it bluntly: is it suffocating to live on campus? Or, in the town, for that matter - do you just bump into the same people, who are also from the university? I mean it's quite a few years I would have to spend there and I do not want to become a hermit (more than I am already, ha ha).
  2. Same problem here. But I am just so determined to GET IT DONE and focus on my visits and decisions. You have one acceptance so relax and just... well, "let it flow"
  3. gentlechaos

    New York, NY

    ok, this helped, but it makes me so so sad. I'm not a fan of sharing rooms/appt-s.
  4. gentlechaos

    New York, NY

    Ok, another Columbia question. I'm trying to figure out whether it would be possible to financially survive if you don't take the official housing. Are there really $800 studios in Astoria? All I've seen on the internet starts from 1500... And what about the living costs (for an ok like?). Ah, I'm quite lost!
  5. PS: the main point this guide make - which I realized is very true- is about having a system of taking notes DURING the test. a system that would both allow you to think fast AND be able to review the unanswered questions without actually re-doing/rereading them (by marking answers as yes/no/possible etc).
  6. I recommend the Princeton Review book/method. It worked for me and I did not spend more than -in total- a few weeks (though I knew most of the maths from school). Or get any guide, for that matter. It helps you get organized. Good luck
  7. Ok, this IS quite hard to bear. The waiting I mean. I emailed and they just said that they will e-mail when they have "final decisions". Did anyone else hear anything from them?
  8. Thanks a lot - this is really helpful. I was suspecting it's B, but somehow got confused. Will ask I. Office still.
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