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  1. Yep, but from a new program, I was in WL and officially accepted by the program by April.15.
  2. I got the email last Friday, the chair sent a letter to me about wait list, she said in the email that the department only offers five spots, they already pick students ( >5 ) for interview, but I don't know if they sent out interview.
  3. Graduate schools (Sculpture/performance) UD- accepted, GA/TA pending UCONN- Wait list. Yale-rejected Northwestern-Rejected UC Davis- ? UCLA-? Columbia-? VCU-? USC-? Residency VSC- Accepted Sculpture Space- Rejected Fine Art Center-?
  4. University of Connecticut Placed me on Wait list, (Installation/performance) They siad they only offer five spots, and they already pick some for top five's interview.
  5. WUSTL sent out admissions today, my friend got into SAM FOX for painting today.
  6. Two news: UDEL : make decisions on Friday UC Daivs: can check your admission by Friday via online
  7. REJ: Northwestern: MFA Art (Via online) Yale: MFA sculpture(Via online) no any news or email, just rej via online. Waiting: UC DAVIS UCOON UCLA Columbia USC UW
  8. 10 schools, UCLA,USC,YALE(rej),NW(rej),VCU,COLUMBIA. other three safe schools, but if I can't go my first six, I will go for one year residency abroad. Thanks for your reply, good luck for you.
  9. Rej: Northwestern, Yale (sculpture) Two bad news before super bowl
  10. The time is coming. No news from schools, only residency for the summer, one with full funding.
  11. I am sure many "Universities" gave painting people full ride, TUITION+STIPEND like UC SYSTEM, UMICH,UIUC, CORNELL,, yes and many of state schools. except crisis, like last year. The only question is if you match the school, You should do lots of research, to find which school you could in. Many big U only pick 3-5 painting people each year. the schulpture program is the most difficult program to get into, next is painting, I did a research, just only 20% painting people could win in thier first round application
  12. Quick notes, I know most of programs accept photo guys, however, your guys should check with the program, what's the photo they want to see and support. I am sure VSC, Whitney, lightwork(very good) are air for photo. Acutullay, I think European give a special favor to photographyers. I met lots of artists this year from Venice Biennale, many of them already through the camera, they only do with COMPUTER,
  13. Sculpture/Conceptual Yale VCU Columbia
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