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  1. Basic question, but application says "double spacing with one inch margins all around" How do I program double spacing on the latest version of Word? I know you go into Paragraph, but what should the settings say? Thank you as there are so many variables in this tab.
  2. @ZeChocMoose, I have been networking with people in higher education administration and applied for a couple of opportunities over the last eighteen months. The feedback I get is, "we like your background, what you have solved in your career, etc. but you don't know how we operate and work". This is your point about not having the experience. What I am hoping is that getting some higher education administration coursework under my belt is: 1) going to at least mitigate some of the lack of experience, 2) provide knowledge that will enable me to perform better in an academic environment
  3. Like to thank everyone for responding as I am getting my arms around the different programs and why people apply to them. To clarify, my specific areas of interest are the business sections of universities-administration, finance, planning, etc. Additionally, with the MBA and continued involvement with my program, would be highly open to the general school strategy (e.g. admissions targeting, program marketing, strategic issues, etc.) What I am hearing through my networking is that yes, some people do get in with an MBA, but having an understanding of how schools operate, think, get thin
  4. Career switcher here with an MBA . I want to be in higher education administration and policy due to my liking of academic environments/mission and interest in moving from the corporate world into a situation with more stability (e.g. have had enough of mergers, cutbacks, sales, reorganizations, etc.). My goals would be VP of administration or assistant dean of another function. Situation is that I would start the degree on a part time basis. Have already looked at Northwestern as they seem to have a number of people attending from various backgrounds. Other potential schools would be
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