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  1. Hang in there and stay positive hiclub2! You are not the only one. Congrats to all of those accepted! Did anyone receive who applied to the Advanced Standing program receive a decision yet?
  2. Thanks for the update hiclub2. I was told that this would be the first round of decisions for Advanced Standing applicants. Do you know if that is accurate?
  3. I don't think Columbia has released decisions yet for Advanced Standing candidates. Supposedly the first round will be released this week.
  4. Congrats to you beyond_dreamz!!! Were you accepted into the 2-year, 16-month accelerated, or Advanced Standing program?
  5. It appears that several programs have not released decisions on the Advanced Standing applications yet. Has anyone been accepted into an Advanced Standing Program at this point?
  6. Has anyone heard why NYU decisions are coming out so late this year?
  7. Congrats! Did you apply to the Day Program, Advanced Standing, or Extended Degree?
  8. Congrats to all of those accepted!!! Would any of you happen to be going into the Advanced Standing Program?
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