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  1. I got wait listed. Apparently, I'm high on the waiting list and there's a very good chance they'll get to my application. Just a heads up would have been nice. I have to wait until April 1 now, but whatever.
  2. not necessarily...you should always contact a professor and see if they're willing to work with you. what's most important is letting that professor get a sense of who you are as a person and if they would like to work with you. if your research interests fit better with them than the other person who has had a ton of contact and established better relations with them, they're not going to take you. a fellow graduate student got accepted but her research interests were markedly different from her professor, but because they knew each other well through skype interviews and exchanged emails for
  3. I'm surprised that you were admitted without a supervisor already having expressed an interest in your research proposal. You should contact your professor immediately.
  4. What did you apply to for the University of Alberta and Calgary? I got my offer from UofC on Feb 28th, but it's not my dream program. UofA reaaaaaally needs to get their stuff together. Apparently, they have met and they're beginning to formulate offers. Given that the deadline was January 5th for submission of all materials, I would have expected them to give me results by the end of February, too. I know how inconsiderate that sounds but still...this is just soooo agonizing.
  5. Hello! Has anyone been accepted into the University of Alberta for the anthropology masters program? I've been exchanging a few emails with the graduate chair and it seems as though offers will be given out soon, but she keeps changing the deadline. First, she said offers would be made in early March. Then she said offers will be made within the next two weeks (she sent me that email on Feb. 26). I'm soooo stressed out at the moment and I really wish I could just know by now! Like, even if it's a rejection, just let me know!
  6. Hello, Has anyone received any notice regarding their application from the department of anthropology at the University of Alberta? The deadline was January 5 for submission of all materials but the offers still have not been made yet! Ugh! I have already received an offer from the University of Calgary (not anthropology, though), for the M.A program, and their deadline was January 7th! I guess it depends on when the committees can sit down and make decisions, but has anyone heard anything back yet? Please post even if you're not an anthropology applicant!
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