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  1. Now I'm curious...what about ASU? @CrimTheory...I am unsure if I will be able to make the trip to DC unless they are willing to cover more of the expense.
  2. Has anyone else received an offer of admission from American University? The program is only offering $500 for both flights AND accommodation costs which is really tight if you're coming from the West Coast like myself.
  3. I'm a 2nd-year MS student who will be graduating next May. I am doing an original empirical project for my thesis (to be completed in April 2016). I have a 4.0 GPA and was recently awarded a fellowship by my department. While all these sound good, I have not been as proactive as my classmates in securing research opportunities. However, I have been an online TA and will be an in-person TA this semester (which includes giving guest lectures, meeting with undergrads etc.). As for the GRE, I received 160 V/150 Q/ 4.0 A in 2013. I thought of retaking it but changed my mind since my transcript will
  4. Now that a majority of decisions are out, has anyone decided on ASU for their MS/PhD in Criminology & Criminal Justice?
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