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  1. Important update: Go to: Go to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Fulbright-Hays-Programs/219331454753009 We have moved to be more inclusive of all Fulbright-Hays programs.
  2. One more thing: The total award for Fulbright-Hayes DDRA in 2007 was about 4.5 million dollars. One F35-A fighter jet in 2007 cost 75 million dollars. By 2011, that latter figure has more than doubled, to 183 million dollars. Quoted from Save the Fulbright Hays
  3. I agree that this is crap. A few things: 1) "There doesn't seem to be a single news story on this that I can find. That needs to change if anything is to be done about this." (Quoted from the Save DDRA Facebook page) --> This is a really important important! Please, everyone, we have to work together to get this story into the media. If you know of any journalists, or have any prior background in new media or old media, please please please work your contacts!! 2) We need to find out who in the Department of Ed. made this decision, and we should really try to organize a l
  4. if it makes you feel any better, two of my friends had just started their research in Egypt when the revolution began, and because they were on a fulbright iie/boren fellowships the state department made them evacuate and hasn't let them go back since... yay for revolutions, but boo for research being thrown into upheaval. anyway, i'ma fellow MENA person, so we'll see what they do with us this year...
  5. i know how you feel... on the plus side, though, this board (and all of y'all) have really been like group therapy for me. i think i'd be going crazy about now otherwise!
  6. Not to get anyones hopes up or anything, but there is a lot of conflictual information out there. The comments form on the UCSD Funding Blog, for instance, seem to imply that this years budget for FB-Hays will not be effected by the budget cut. (check out: http://ucsdgraduatefunding.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/fulbright-hays-internal-deadline-reminder-and-human-subjects-narrative-tips/#comment-183) Here's the exact quote from the comments: also this quote: so, which knows what this means....
  7. okay i'll be the optimistic one: i put $100 down that we'll here this Fri. (13 May 2011).
  8. @igotmeanewname; apologies - i don't remember how long it's been, maybe a month, perhaps two (i've been taking exams, so the past few months have just soared by super quick and i've lost all sense of time). but when i called the helpdesk because i was being paranoid, they told me that they have been migrating everything over to the g5.gov website for a while, so it's possible some of us were migrated over to the new website earlier than others. basically, this seems to be all about the switch to the new website and nothing else. i think its just that, in the absence of other news, its ea
  9. ok thanks, that's what i thought (figured I was just being paranoid, but had to check). looking into it further, it appears that the reason the usernames no longer work is because the website has now migrated to g5.gov ... so I guess if we're reapplying next year (g-d forbid!) we'll have to create new usernames and such. thanks for the help :-)
  10. I'm sorry to be so crazy, but I have to ask the forum a paranoid question: are you able to log onto the e-grants website anymore? Up until 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was able to log in whenever I wanted and it would let me look at and even re-download a pdf copy of the application I had submitted for the DDRA online. However, as of a few days ago, I am no longer able to log into e-grants with my old username and password. I tried to reset the password, but no matter what I do it won't let me log back in. I'm trying not to read anything into this... but, since I'm a paranoid graduate student, I just
  11. Yes! Great idea, please do post on facebook, and ask your friends to repost. Also, please consider emailing your dept listhost or university listhost to share this info with as many people as possible... strength in numbers!
  12. If for any reason you prefer to snail mail your letter, here is the suggested text from the National Humanities Alliance:
  13. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The National Humanities Alliance is organizing a letter-writing campaign to try and save the Fulbright-Hays from the drastic cuts proposed in the recently passed budget. To make it easier for all of us, they have created a simple online system for writing to our congressional reps about this important issue: http://www.congressweb.com/cweb2/index.cfm/siteid/NHA/action/TakeAction.Contact/lettergroupid/12 Please forward this information to your respective dept. administrators, student listhosts, etc. The more letters we can submit, the better it will be for all of
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