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  1. It is exciting to meet future/potentially future classmates! I chose U of A because Edmonton is such a fun city and both SLP's I volunteer under graduated from there and loved the program!
  2. FYI for anyone waiting, a friend of mine got off the waitlist at U of A today!
  3. Also download POWERPREP software. It is free and is a MUST. It is set up exactly like the GRE exam with very similar types of questions. I used it and when I went into the exam I knew what to expect. I tried other online programs etc (which I found were way too easy and underprepared me) and nothing was as good as POWERPREP. http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2 Edited: Sometimes the link doesn't work and you can just google ETS powerprep
  4. Hahahah I always use fax.. do it, it's the best! Maybe I'll fax mine too!
  5. I am going to reject my waitlist position as I already got into my first choice. So hopefully that will give another person a chance to get waitlisted as well!
  6. I also just got an email about being waitlisted!
  7. Ah my email didn't say anything of a deposit either for U of A! Just that I need to send my final transcripts by July 2015 and that they will contact me once they have filled their quota.
  8. Haha me too! Mine was not even related to SLP. It was actually helping psychology PhD. students with their research on human personality.. which was interesting and extremely random as I am a Linguistics major! However, I took the opportunity because I have heard from numerous mentors that research experience of any kind is valued on an application.
  9. I am not sure about how many get in, but no not everyone gets waitlisted. A friend of mine called U of A yesterday and was told those on the waitlist would get their letters in the mail this week (they were mailed out last week) and anyone who does not get a waitlist letter will be contacted after April 15th letting them know of their rejection. So not everyone gets a waitlist letter!
  10. Ahhh this forum is nerve-racking! I didn't even apply to Western but I was still anxious and now excited for you all! Congrats to all of you who got accepted and good luck to those hopefully wait-listed!!!
  11. Yes you should call! The worst that could happen is they say they don't know yet! Congrats on McGill though!!! Fingers crossed for Edmonton
  12. Congrats *SLP! I haven't heard anything from Dal yet, but hopefully we hear soon! I am 99% sure I will accept U of A though so if anyone else hears from U of A, I would love to meet some future classmates!
  13. I found out last Monday, first thing in the morning.
  14. I know hey!? Why do these schools have to make it so stressful?!
  15. This was me! I spoke with them on Monday (it wasn't Noriko, it was the woman from the admissions committee who sends acceptances) and she informed me that they would still be slowly contacting people in waves until April 1 to avoid a huge influx of responses on the same day. On the email they sent me it said we have until April 15th to decide and then people from the waitlist would be contacted. There is still time, I wouldn't worry yet!
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