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  1. Univ of Southern California PhD ECE related

    Hey... I'm in roughly the same position as you are. I think having a fellowship may make it easier to leave. You dont really owe anything to your advisor since hes not been paying for you. I guess.
  2. UIUC vs USC

    Hey, I just wanted to confirm something about USC. I've got the Annenberg Fellowship there and this is the only offer I have with assured funding. However, in my particular field of interest, there are only a few professors and the labs and research groups have all been recently set up. So there isnt much variety in the work being done there. In case I enjoy the research I get involved in... its all great. But if I decide I want to finish my course work and maybe seek a PhD at a bigger school.... is it a big problem? Can I quit easily ? And will I be given a masters?
  3. acceptance rates???

    Hey... im an international student looking for either an Ms or a Phd in electrical engineering/ applied physics. with a score of 1490 on my gre.... a pretty good gpa.... (translates to an A- average ), one publication, one VERY strong letter or recommendation, and two decent ones. I'm looking for an admit to Harvard's applied physics program... which I have fallen in love with ... or similar programs.... what sort of a univ do u thing i have a shot at. umich and ucsd are pretty cool with me too. the schools im applying to are; cornell (physics) gatech (ee) harvard (physics) purdue (ee) usc (ee) ucsd(ee) stan (ee) penn state (ee) suny albany (ee)
  4. I am a EE student, and I basically realized midway through my course that, well.... engineering sucks :oops: . i didnt particularly like the EE programs offered by most universities and while looking for interesting programs in physics, i found one which seems to be tailor made for me, the applied physics program at harvard. I havent yet gone through the prof profiles to see what sort of actual research comes out of harvard, but Im sure its safe to assume I would find at least some groups there which would excite me. So my liking for the program is based solely on what they would actually be teaching me during an MS ( as opposed to what I may do with all that they teach me during my Phd ) the only problem is that an admit to harvard of course, is not easy to get. So, I wanted to know if you guys could help me find a similar alternative program. ... ysics.html Check this page out. Except for the geophysics part of the program, I have harbored a serious interest in EACH AND EVERY ONE of the other topics listed there. PLease let me know if youve come across a program you think I would enjoy based on this page.