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  1. I have gone through this process last year (for Canada) so many application materials are ready (SOP and LORs). However, as I am free, so I am working on improving my SOP even more. By the way, did you get in touch with professors at Virginia Tech and do you think should I apply to Virginia considering their geotechnical department?
  2. Well....I am not expecting any sort of funding for this term...the objective is to get into the system and then work through towards a phd from a top institution
  3. Yeah UIC is an engineering school, UC isn't.....and I also have some relatives in Chicago that's y I applied.....after conducting thorough research on it. By the way, how was your experience in applying in Spring term?
  4. Thanks for the advice and yeah the GRE is lacking. Though, you are right, I need to work very hard on the SOP and get strong LORs. I know spring applications are limited but I am just trying my luck and hoping for the best.
  5. Hello everyone, I am planning to apply for Spring 2015 in MS program in Civil Engineering (Research in Geotechnical Engineering) in the following institutes: 1. UIC 2. University of Colorado, Boulder 3. NYU My credentials: Undergraduate CGPA= 3.62/4.00 GRE 310 ( V=154, Q=156, AWA 4.0) TOEFL (113/120) About six months experience in the geotechnical lab and also in the field. (coursework consisted of nearly 10 months work on research project) Currently, I am working on 2 international conference papers and hope that they get accepted in August. What are my chances of g
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