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  1. OK. So do a lot of grad schools have classes that you can take as a non-degree seeking student? I guess it's the same application as the grad school app?
  2. I have a pretty low undergraduate GPA (~2.6). I graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Duke; initially I wanted to go to med school, but with my grades so low, I don't think it's a possibility. Perusing some of the grad school sites, at least the Maryland: CP one, they say you have to have a UGPA above 3.0. Does anyone know if this is a rule? a guideline? Am I severely hampered from being admitted from just that one stat?
  3. GRE: 800 Quant/670 Verbal/Analytical not in yet GPA: 2.7 as Chemistry Major at Duke U Interests: medicine, neuroscience, psychology Anybody that can point to possible directions?
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