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  1. I did half of my post bacc courses online-they do a great job!
  2. You will be just fine. I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin, my situation was not the same, but grade-wise I did very poorly in my undergrad as well (failed at least one entire semester and half of several others due to depression). I finished my undergrad with a 2.81 and did close to 4.0 work in my year and a half of post bacc work. I think at the time I applied for grad school, I had a 2.96. I finally got above a 3.0 (3.01!!) following my last semester of post bacc coursework. My GRE scores were similar to yours. I think I had a pretty strong personal statement (I didn't address the specific reason for my poor grades, but just said I had matured and found something I was passionate about and committed to, and that my post bacc grades were evidence I could be successful in this field) and LORs. I will not say the application process was pleasant-I applied to 9 schools and was only admitted to 1, and it was one of the last ones I heard from. I spent a lot of time from late February to late March ugly-crying, wondering how I could have ever been so stupid to even try this, and hating myself for not having my sh*t together in undergrad, but it really only takes one school to say yes for things to work out for you. Good luck and feel free to PM me!
  3. I got an email notifying me I was waitlisted last week, emailed back to ask about my position on the waitlist, and then received an email saying that there aren't any numbers. Can anybody clarify a bit??
  4. I've accepted-I just wanted to get more specifics because the reviews on the results page were really freakin me out! That would be appreciated, if you can PM me!
  5. Are other people still waiting? I literally haven't heard anything.
  6. I'm just referring to the reviews on the results board-they all pretty much said the same thing, but not very specific. Really glad to hear you had a good experience when you toured!
  7. And is anyone interested here for the bilingual tract?
  8. Yep, I get what you're saying. At my university, undergrads get to do a bit of clinic (not a ton), but post baccs do not. I guess knowing that undergrads at other universities are in the same boat reassures me a bit! Are you attending UNM?
  9. What do you mean by labs? Like the bilingual research lab or in clinic? I am a post baccalaureate at my university and unfortunately I don't get to participate in clinic either.
  10. I've called and emailed but I'm still confused as to what's going on. If we're in the "second pool", are they not even looking at our applications until they decide if the class is full with those from the first pool?
  11. Still haven't heard back. I'm accepted at the University of New Mexico and waitlisted a handful of other places. Anyone else?
  12. sarahsahara, so are you currently doing your leveling coursework or actually in the graduate program?
  13. "Thank you for your inquiry into your application status. We are in the process of deciding which applicants have been accepted, placed on the waiting list, or denied admission. If you have not heard from us, this indicates the decision regarding your application has not been determined. The already admitted students have until April 15th to reply with their intent to attend so you probably will not hear anything until then."
  14. I'm still waiting, too. I don't really understand the whole "pool" process other than that I'm in the second pool of applicants.
  15. I've been accepted to UNM, but read nothing but poor reviews on here. Can anyone share more specifics about their experience?
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