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    I'm currently an assistant professor in a different field, but I want to do a second PhD in History. My focus is medieval and renaissance history, material studies, chivalry, knighthood, and sexuality. I've applied to Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, NYU, University of Toronto, and York.
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    Anyone out there applying for a PhD in History? I have a tenure-track job, but I want to return to grad school for several reasons. I'm probably crazy, and kind of terrified, both about getting into a program and/or not getting in anywhere. I'm also trying to create a life with my partner, who's another academic. Anyone else trying to juggle an academic partnership? I know someone who's been in a long-distance relationship for 6 years, and I just can't do it. Plus, I always dreamed of applying to Berkeley, and even if I don't get in, I feel weirdly satisfied that I at least applied.
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