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  1. caryh

    It Happened

    I have to write something. I read this blog yesterday and was so inspired by your joy and excitement. I did not know I would "become" you the next day. This morning, like every other mornings in the past two months, I checked email before doing anything else after getting up....nothing there. I guess I would have to wait for another weekend which seems too long for me now. 10 minutes later, my phone beeped and I got an email to check website for admissions decision. I prayed like crazy and heart was beating. I got in. Thank you and good luck to everybody here!! The application is truly full of surprises.
  2. Has any of you used LetterBanc or know someone who used it? I want to learn if this approach is sufficient to meet the requirements of most grad schools (like waiving rights to view or so), because I don't want to bother the writers again and again... I know Berkeley and most UC schools accept that.

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