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  1. Looks legit! GJ modifying the form inputs lol! My friend's name is on the awardee's list and got the offer form after logging in. I'm not on the list and do not see the offer.
  2. hotcupofjava

    NDSEG 2008

    Didn't get the fellowship. Do they normally only give 200?
  3. Oh that was your submission in the results section! Upon looking at the results history, it seems less likely to me to be a mistake since the rejections came out a few days after the invite for the interviews (ie, the acceptances and rejections were not sent at the same time a few days ago). I would definitely recommend being careful in your wording, expressing surprise and emphasizing how it was your top choice.
  4. I think details like the exact program could matter. Maybe it's a field that wants a quantitative approach and so wants his experience/coursework?
  5. As an undergrad forced on a board plan, I easily eat over $20/day. I can't imagine that grad students are expected to eat at less than $10/day. I remember being at Stanford 4 summers ago and the lunches were pretty expensive on campus. A burrito or burger alone would go for $6, so I would guess it's up to $7 today. So basically grad students can't afford to eat at the cafeterias?! I plan on eating out for most of my meals. I'm not a fan of cooking and sandwiches, while cheap and convenient, get old fast. I think quasi-fast food (eg, Chipotle or Baja Fresh) would go for $6-7/meal. For COL purposes, I'm in SoCal (ie, about the same level as San Fran Bay Area). BTW, to the poster above who mentioned $22.5/year for a stipend, that sounds fairly low for the area today. I think that was a standard stipend a few years ago.
  6. Your sister spent only 4k a year besides housing? I think food alone will be approaching 4k... (at $10/day, that's $3,650 leaving next to nothing for miscellaneous expenses)
  7. Oh hey! You were at UCB/UCSF on 25/26th also? Did we meet with Liepmann together (seeing your GPA scale, I think we probably did!)? I haven't heard back from Stanford BioE myself... You probably remember my status on some schools. I'm still waiting on a program at your school, but another department at your school rejected me by mail today
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