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  1. It happens to GRE exam where you can face unexpected or unprepared questions and lose focus since the exam is so designed that if you answer a question correctly the next one will be a bit tougher.
  2. Start applying with the scores you have in hand I am sure you will find some good college for admission if you don't then you can give it again. Most colleges mention their GRE score requirements on their site check to see if you fulfill their basic prerequisites.
  3. nice that is good what is the fees of a computer science masters program at the college.
  4. Though its a bit late to reply but these questions can best be answered by the admission department.
  5. It depends on your likes and dislikes, any subject can be tough or easy depending upon your interest. I would recommend that you chose a subject which you like the most.
  6. Yes you are right, GRE is not a predictor of how good you are in your field, it is mainly for international students to check their grasp on English language.
  7. KenBesonders and bsharpe269 those are good scores, practice is an essential part of the GRE exam.
  8. Maths in my opinion is fairly basic when it comes to GRE exam while being a non native speaker of English I found it tougher specially the reading comprehension part.
  9. yes I dont think you will be allowed apply in both Masters and doctor's program at the same time either you are qualified to be a master's candidate or a doctoral candidate.
  10. Doing Phd. is an ardous task and if you feel that your time has been wasted there is nothing much sad. I personally feel Phd has a great career prospect as companies pay well to Phd candidates.
  11. vicky25


    After reading some of the reviews I won't recommend the school to you. It is not accredited also I cannot find is website.
  12. What are the minimum GRE TOEFL or IELTS requirements for admission McMasters I am looking for admission in nursing program.
  13. My application was rejected to the Masters in computer science progrma. I had a GRE score of 1100 and TOEFL score of 99/100 with 63% academic marks. What score did you guys have.
  14. I feel you should give the GRE exam again to increase your chances of getting admission in a good college.
  15. I had scored a 2.6 something about 4 years ago in the GRE exam. Yes AWA can be tough for non native speakers.
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