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  1. Dude, I am going to UCSC as well. Can we get in touch? My email : mani.aucse@gmail.com
  2. Hi all, Anyone going to UCSC this Fall 2010??
  3. M10TheMist

    Santa Cruz, CA

    I am strongly considering the funded offer from the CE department of UCSC for my MS in CE. Can you tell me how much a grad-student needs to spend every month approximately? What do the expenses likely to include?
  4. The third option is not valid in my case because my fiancee is in a better job than me. So, it makes sense if she continues in her job in case someone needs to wait. Actually we have not applied to 'same' schools but schools in same city or somewhat close. So, in case we could not make it to the same city schools, those options come into play. I hope that doesn't happen
  5. Hi Fellas, I have a question. Me and my fiancee have applied for MS for Fall 2010. Now, in case we could not make it to the same school, is it better to 1) join whichever we get and later apply for transfer such that we are in same school or 2) ask her wait for now and re-apply again for next semester to that one school which I will be joining. If you think first option is better, how tough it is to get such transfers? I hope there are many married couples who like to pursue higher studies abroad and are in similar situation. What do they do generally? Thanks!
  6. Thanks expressionista. That was really informative for someone naive like me. I am not sure where I am gonna be put up in the US as of yet. But I was wondering how to go around the town (wherever I will be) during winters and hence the question about cars. Thanks again.
  7. I am new to this forum and do not know anything about living in a foreign land as of yet. Can someone tell me how much a car will cost me if I need one when I am in US this fall 2010?
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