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  1. xnov

    I feel my PhD has been a waste

    @tall Chai Latte: it is a cultural thing that I can't do brainstorming and reasoning with him. I have to prove it before i can talk. it took me 2 years trying to make his idea working out and in the end I proved that his idea was wrong. i went through hard times for this thing. if he listened to me in the beginning, or at least to the paper that showing his idea/method has defect, I wouldn't have such trouble today.
  2. xnov

    I feel my PhD has been a waste

    finally i've found someone who are in the same situation with me. My problem is that i'm working alone, somehow i don't know where to ask help. And the system, which is tightly tied to the culture (I'm doing it in Asian country), make me hard to find help outside the advisor with the advisor consent.

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