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  1. That's great to hear that people with a similar background are getting into those schools. Really takes a load off. Do you think that working for an education-focused non-profit would hurt my chances of getting into foreign policy? I don't want to lock myself into specializing in a field that I don't want to pursue.
  2. Hi, When I was in undergrad, I spent a year studying and teaching English abroad that started my interest in IR. Problem was, I was going into my senior year and my scholarships were going to run out after my 4th year, so I couldn't switch anything. I completed my BA in Psychology and French and am now preparing for my GRE so that I can apply to grad school next fall. But as I'm researching different programs, I'm noticing that most of the really competitive students have lots of relevant professional work experience. I'm thinking about delaying grad school to get more work experience, but
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