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  1. I'm a little late to this party. I was waitlisted. I got the offer just a few weeks ago! What direction or field are you thinking of going into, or do you not know yet?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm starting my Master's in Library & Information Studies (MLIS) at UBC this fall. Like Jenny, I did my undergrad at UBC and am from the area. I commuted from Coquitlam for the first three years and rented an apartment in Kerrisdale in fourth year with then boyfriend (now husband). It was a fairly roomy, sunny, corner 1BR in an ancient and crappy building. Kerrisdale was a great location to live: tons of nearby amenities, and one bus to campus, 13 minutes door to door. I definitely recommend it. In the older buildings that are more affordable though, landlords are more traditional in their renting practices and they tend to prefer renting to locals whom they can meet face-to-face. Lots of suites are rented to walk-bys. Husband went back to school to get his BSc, so financially we were forced to move back to Coquitlam. I'll be commuting but am worried about burnout. Using transit I take 4 buses and the trip is almost 2.5 hours each way! (I live in a residential area of Coquitlam with poor bus service.)
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