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  1. No problem! Actually LMU is one of my "fallbacks" (I'm German) in case I don't find a programm abroad. I guess at the moment I am interested in political philosophy... But that is not a priority
  2. So far I have been able to find one Bachelor of Philosophy progamme at KU Leuven (Belgium), but there are probably more programmes like that. Maybe you guys can help me out? My Google searches only turn up programmes in England/US...
  3. Haha, i'm really unsure myself, thats why i'm looking for some input! PolSci just seemed like the subject closest to the matter (politics&policy). I guess you are talking about scientific journals, like nature or science for natural sciences? Can you recommend some to me? I would be very interested in taking a look at a few articles.
  4. Hey everybody! I am a 21 years old physics student from Germany and i'm looking for advice on my further career path after i finished my Bachelors degree. My plan at the moment is to switch fields and pursue a career vaguely into the direction of PolSci or Economics. I am still a scientist at heart, so i want to pursue a research career in these fields, maybe dealing with the analysis of policies or the implementation of them. Also i am really interested in knowing more about the fundamentals of political systems, economics, international relations, philosophy and everything that merges toge
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