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  1. I know you will never get anything close to partying hard and being able to hook up with hot sorority girls but I am asking in terms of brotherhood. Are there any organizations after undergrad that have pretty much the same system of a brotherhood that fraternities do?
  2. Bumping this old thread out of curiosity about the culture there. Guys I read about some kid there that went crazy and hurt people in Isla Vista (Eliot Rodger was his name) and his story brought me back to what I heard about the place a few years back. I heard that Isla Vista is more of an "All American" kind of town in the sense that a lot of the students there are from places like Orange County and the suburban areas of California. A person told me that White and Black people have no problems fitting in with the majority there while Asians, Indians, and Arabs for example would have a tough time fitting in with the crowd there and will often have to search for people of their own races to fit in with. I am a bit shocked to hear this abotu an area of California of all places and would like to know more about it. Would the frat boy types in Isla Vista be open to allowing a guy who looks a bit "different" (not black or white) into their crowd?
  3. I am still an undergrad and quite frankly, my social life hasn't been the best. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I took the community college route and ended up at a state university after it. While most of the kids made their friends early on living in dorms, I arrived late to the party but my social life has gradually picked up overtime. Unfortunately, my university also has a huge Greek Life presence to where a lot of the big parties are thrown by fraternities and if you aren't a part of the "in crowd", you have a hard time getting invited to those parties. I guess a part of me has always wanted to be a part of the "cool crowd" with hot girls, nice parties, drinking, and all that. That said, how does social life in grad school compare to social life in undergrad?
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