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  1. statistical comparison method?

    That is a great start - thanks a lot folks. I'll dig in to all these suggestions here, also there is a group of stats folks down the hall here at my lab so I'll have some talks with them about the options too. Very much appreciate your time here, points me in a good direction off the start.
  2. Good day folks, I've never posted on one of these forums before but would be greatly in your debt if you could assist me in completing some analysis I'm currently working on. Essentially what I'm doing is comparing methods of measuring the same parameter experimentally. I've conducted 30 experimental trials and measured the same data using 7 different well documented methods. All of the datasets these sampling methods produced are correlated, but virtually none are the perfect 1-1 you'd hope for. So really what I'm looking for are some suggestions on stats methods to help me describe the relationships between the different sampling methods and the measurement bias that is incurred based on method selection. Many thanks for your time