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  1. Good questions. I'm fascinated by questions like what factors make social movements succeed or fail, the role of individuals in social movements (e.g. what would have happened to US civil rights without MLK?), what makes people join and leave various social movements, how different movements interact and synergize/detract from each other, etc. I'd say my interests are pretty broad within that area. Methodologically, I think quantitative and analytical methods are most powerful, but of course I'm open to other methods. Quality of the program and strength in social movement research are the
  2. I'm an undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience with a minor in economics and a lot of computational/statistical courses. But lately, I've become very interested in sociology, particularly in social movements. I can graduate this May with my neuroscience bachelor's. I'd really like to get a PhD in sociology but fear I don't have the undergraduate background for it. Should I do a Master's first? If so, where? What are the top PhD programs in the study of social movements? I also notice that most PhD programs require a 15-30 page writing sample. Unfortunately, I've never written anything
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