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  1. I'm sorry to hear that STwannabe15 :/ I wish you all the best in your pursuit to become an slp. Mine still says "under review" but I'm not feeling very confident that it will be good news :/ I will keep you guys posted.
  2. Speechtechy, nope :/ UTD is the only school I have applied to for the spring semester and If I don't get in, I will be applying everywhere in Texas in the summer. I hope you make it off of the wait list!!! To my fellow UTD applicants, when I called admissions, they said a lot people (that applied there) have not heard back yet. Not sure if they changed the process - definitely thought I'd hear back by November 1st. Someone please post on here if they hear back soon!
  3. Thanks, Speechtechy! Yes this wait is not easy but it's comforting to know I'm not alone hopefully we all hear some good news soon *fingers crossed*
  4. STwannabe, I am still waiting as well. I'm not sure why we haven't heard back yet but when I called they said we should know for sure until mid November ish....the wait is killing me too
  5. Congrats, futureSLP15 on your acceptance!! How exciting STwannabe15, I'm in the same boat as you....i'm getting really nervous because I have not heard back from UTD yet. I check Galaxy way too frequently!!
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