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  1. So I ended up making a page instead of a group and had to delete it. But! Since, like you said, Cali_Coast, it is very dead in here lol. Seems to be just you and me! So feel free to message me to add me on FB personally if you want-- since I need a member of our cohort to start an official group anyway. I know right? Very exciting. Time is flying by! I have my field practicum set up, and in just about 7 days I will be registering for classes (which I already have picked out in my wish list as well ). Woohoo SD here we come! Good luck with the move! I'm still searching for an apartment !
  2. I made a FB group for 2017 cohort; feel free to join! http://www.facebook.com/Sdsumsw2017
  3. I made a FB group for 2017 cohort; feel free to join! http://www.facebook.com/Sdsumsw2017
  4. I'm so stoked! I talked to SSW, and they were able to move me from 3 to 2 yr program (my first choice)! Very happy they were able to do this for me. All I did was call and email a few people and fill out some forms. Thought I'd share for future references or anyone else on here, switching from 3 to 2 yr is possible if they still have space left.
  5. Yeah that thread I created for the application process, didn't get much of a reponse after decisions were made. Maybe they don't have gradcafe accounts and are trolling, or they just don't know about gradcafe to post here? Either way I hope they find this thread and join! I'd love to see some more SDSU MSW talk. Class registration times should be around mid July (July 14th is what I was told when I spoke with SSW)! I'm excited to register for classes
  6. I will be attending! Agreed, I haven't seen anyone on here really talking about SD let alone SDSU. Where's the SD people at?
  7. Hey there! I was accepted to SDSU with low GRE scores, so I wouldn't worry too much about your score (they only look at analytical anyways). I heavily focused on perfecting my resume/experiences and my SOP. If your GPA is over 3.0 and you have a lot of experience in the field, you're good to apply to SDSU. Good luck, feel welcome to PM me if you have any more questions about SDSU. PS. I wouldn't retake it, my scores were lower than yours and it wasn't a problem for SDSU (they desire a at least a 3.5 or higher on the AWA portion, 4.0 and above is preferred). Your GRE scores are solid for SDSU, not sure about how they evaluate it at UNCCH. Hope this helps!
  8. Exactly haha, I sent them my reply this morning and they confirmed with "Thank you for letting us know, best of luck". So there you go my friends!! I hope one of you on here gets the spot! *fingers crossed* Thank you SaidypooMSW I'm so stoked! I'll be checking back to congratulate the rest of you, CSUF really made us suffer with their waiting game
  9. Hey guys! I just got an interview offer via email today at 3:15pm. The interview date is for May 5th. However, I will be declining the offer, so I hope this frees up a spot for those of you waiting! I'm pretty set on going to San Diego State Good luck everyone!
  10. To those of you admitted to SDSU and will be attending, Do you guys want to start a Facebook group? I think it would be a good way to get to know at least some people in our cohort before the year begins! Let me know with a reply or direct message, cuz Facebook wont let me start the group without adding at least one other person to it :/ .
  11. Hi guys! I'm not sure what they really consider during review of applications, but here is a summary of my stats and why I think I was accepted--because to be honest, I feel that I didn't have a great shot applying to SDSU for various reasons; low GRE, low UC GPA, applying very close to the deadline, and putting my application together in a hurry. *(Psychology major) 3.1 UC GPA, overall undergad transfer GPA 3.4, last 60 units GPA 3.2(what they consider the most I believe) - similar to your GPA sunsetsd *3.5 on the GRE AWA - similar to your score sunsetsd, and lower than wanderlustinginstead *I think a huge factor to their decision is the diversity of the student. I speak 4 languages, 3 at native fluency. I was not born in the US, and wrote about my family's move and assimilation in my personal statement. *Lastly, my experience. -I volunteered as a teacher's aid for 5+ years, and still continue to do so. Also, 1 year at Boys and Girls Club. -1 year research experience - My jobs as a special needs para-educator 8+ months Reading up on the old forums from 2011, a person admitted to and already in the program said they consider some other things as well. () (taken info is from user MSW hopeful). *They said that since SDSU looks at applications on a rolling basis, the earlier you turn in your application the better chance you will have of not being wait-listed/rejected. - However, I applied 3 days before the deadline, and was still accepted. *Their stats were: ~3.2 GPA 3.4 last 60 units, 5 on GRE AWA, 2-3 years volunteer experience in social services - I only got a 3.5 on the GRE AWA, I have about the same GPA's, but more volunteer years and work under my belt. *They also mentioned that ALL of your recommendations MUST be from professors, since SDSU prefers that. - This wasn't the case for me either, I had 2 professors (one from undergrad at UCSD whose lab I was in, and one from community college), and 1 from an old high school teacher/present volunteer supervisor (whom I worked with for 5+ years)--yet, I was admitted. MSW hopeful also added that when they first applied (before getting admitted the 2nd year), they had gotten recommendations from 2 professors and 1 professional -- and they were NOT admitted. During the 2nd year, they had all 3 recommendations from professors and were admitted. Everything I read up on these forums in the past made me think I wouldn't get in, including the info I just shared above. I feel like I'm good proof that they DON'T just look at numbers, they care about the applicant as a whole. This is why I would definitely appeal and find out WHY! I had planned on that in case I wasn't admitted. You both seem like well-rounded and qualified students ! Good luck to you both, I hope the info I dug up and shared was of some help!! PS, sorry for the long post, just want to help out
  12. Aww I'm sorry! But hey UCLA is amazing, I knew I wouldn't get it in to UCLA so I didn't bother applying (GRE scores and GPA under 3.5). Good luck and best wishes, and thank you for sharing, I'm sure future applicants will find all of this info to be very helpful.
  13. yaaaaaay that's great!!!! congrats on all of your acceptances
  14. Thank you!! I'm sorry to hear that tho, will you applying for Fall 2016? Or are you awaiting other responses from other schools? Either way I wish you the best of luck!!
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