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  1. Hey SLP8180 and STwannabe15....yes there is STILL hope out there for everyone...because I just got accepted off the waitlist (to Tennessee State)!!!! I had really given up hope pretty much since last week, too. But then ..surprise! Hang in there and post when you find out anything for you guys at UTD...here's hoping and sending prayers your way now!! )
  2. And hey no worries...I know I jump at any possible update too, this process is making us all crazy!
  3. Sorry, I was on someone else's pc so my comment shows that it was made by LivingtheDreammyWay. I was responding to SLP8180.
  4. No...that posting was referring to Tennessee State's wait list.
  5. Has anyone heard back from Tennessee State for Spring? I haven't been rejected (yet) and just dying to know if there's still any hope! Also, my sympathies to people waiting on UTD decisions...lol...I can relate :/
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