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  1. One of my colleagues, who was the PI, once wanted to accept an undegraduate as a doctoral student to the program. Since that undergrad had been an assistant working in her lab for years, they had a very good working relationship. However, that undergraduate didn't get accepted to the program. Becuase the PI was notoriously treacherous and not respected by other faculty members in the program, the application review committee didn't let her pick whom she wanted to admit to her lab.
  2. Thanks, GeoDude and Peachypie! Great suggestions about making friends and setting up goals to stay focused! For those who are still wondering how, I have a list of things that might be of consideration: 1. Get a pile of books and read them (if you can quiet your mind chatter while reading). 2. Left brain overloaded? Go dancing, do yoga, go hiking/go running, or adopt pets. If you already have pets, maybe adopt more. 3. Both left and right brains are overloaded? Practice meditation 4. None of the above work? All right, just be lazy. I bet that you can't stand doing nothing for a long period of time and eventually you will find something to do. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts/suggestions to continue to extend the list!
  3. Folks, after you sent out your applications, how do you deal with the waiting anxiety? Starting from taking GRE, looking for programs of good fit, contacting possible PIs, writing statements, preparing required documents to finally submitting the applications, it must have been a long and time consuming process for many. It could be emotionally draining and mentally fatiguing! Have any of you experienced burnout? Now the applications are all out, what can you do to deal with the uncertainty? Please share your tips on how to handle the waiting stress!
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