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    Health economics and policy analysis

    Impact of technological and pharmaceutical innovation on health care costs and quality
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    Health economics & policy
  1. mollie

    Philadelphia, PA

    BA/MA at Penn, now employed here as an economist. Love the city, the subway & trolleys have stops all over campus (30th, 33rd, 34th, 36, 37th, 40th, 46th, etc). You don't need a car; borrow one from the Philly car share for the occasional trip to the Ikea or whatever. I've always lived in West Philly (it's cheaper) and feel safe; Penn police is everywhere and patrols 24 hrs a day...30th- 46th st, Market - Baltimore, I think. Center City, of course, is also chic. If anyone has questions about the city or school, feel free to message me. Been here for a while and highly recommend both. Congratulations, all!
  2. Hey; I'm not in the MPH program, but I've been a health economist at Penn for a year and a half... I also did my BA/MA here and love this school. Your program might be small, but there are so many interesting classes you'll be able to take (cross-listed with other schools/programs, so you'll meet tons of people) and faculty members interested in public health research... it's ridiculous. Med school, Wharton, LDI; Penn has great resources, funding, and lots of available data. No shortage of opportunities for you.
  3. mollie

    UC Berkeley

    Health economics & policy, with a biotech/ pharmaceutical focus. Will you go to the visit day?
  4. was sent from your verizon wireless blackberry.

  5. mollie

    UC Berkeley

    Anyone planning on matriculating? If you're already familiar with the area, where do / will / should you live?
  6. That's so funny. I also applied for econ as a primary concentration, but totally different interests; economic implications of innovation in the biotechnology / medical device sectors. I'm also interested in NA population health, so I requested a secondary concentration, as well. Don't know if that was a great idea, but realistically, few professors in this field limit themselves to one narrow topic. I'm envious of your in-state status; it's a definite advantage because your tuition will be considerably less expensive to the program (that's straight from Dion). I'd love to hear about your research, time at Berkeley and POI but don't want to clutter the board... feel free to message me (I'm pretty sure you can email me from my profile).
  7. Oooh, someone else applied to HSPA! Research interest/ POI? (Good luck!)
  8. Only to Berkeley. Not many professors share my research interests...
  9. Reminds me of... me. Good luck
  10. Did anyone apply to/ hear back from Berkeley's HSPA PhD program?
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