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  1. I'm going to grad school next year! Received my first offer from the University of Wisconsin - Madison MDTP via email.
  2. Rejection from University of Washington Microbiology via email. Expected it at this point but I was really hoping for an interview invite from this program. Doubt I could have fit in the interview at this point, but I may have tried.
  3. Received a phone call from the head of the ad comm at UTMB, said I can expect an official invitation for an interview tomorrow or next week!
  4. Others may disagree, but I don't think this is a good way to look at programs. Rather than break up programs into tiers, instead look at what programs have PIs are performing research that interests you. Is there a specific area in microbiology that you are looking at for your research interests? I would suggest talking with your professors and seeing if they know who is turning out good research in these areas.
  5. Princeton Mol Bio has interviews the weekend of Feb 13th. I believe there was another weekend but I don't remember when they said that was. Hope this helps.
  6. Interview at Northwestern DGP Phone interview at UTMB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Waitlisted for interview at OHSU PMCB
  7. I don't know if they all have been sent out, but I received a phone call from them on Tuesday.
  8. Just got an email from UW-Madison MDTP! I have an interview either 2/5-2/8 or 2/19-2/22. Didn't think I would be this nervous about this whole process.
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