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  1. Hi All, I am trying to decide between two Comparative Literature programs. University of Oregon - Comparative Literature (PhD) or Rutgers- Comparative Literature (PhD) Your ideas are important and help is appreciated!
  2. Hi all, The international you mentioned is me.
  3. Hi all, The Univ. of Binghampton requires the international students to submit a "Financial Statement Form". ------------------ http://www2.binghamt...nt%20app%20info http://www2.binghamt...9%20-%20PDF.pdf ----------------- This is a mandatory document and each int applicant has to fill it in. However, I do not have any funds and I would like to apply for assistant positions for funding. Do you think I should just ignore this document or send it "empty"? Thank you a lot for your help, I am a bit confused Also, I wish good luck to everyone!
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