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  1. Hi Guys, قدر الله وماشاء فعل الحمد لله على كل حال Finally, since my VISA is still delayed and now is the third week of this semester, then it is difficult for me to join in this Fall. They offered me to apply again for Spring 2016 intake if I am still interested. Thank you very much for your cooperation guys! See you later
  2. I haven't received any information yet from them, I am wondering whether I still have a chance or not... I am sorry for you guys, please don't give up and look for another opportunities
  3. I don't know about master degree ... I think the same rule may apply
  4. I also submitted mine on August 18th.. My potential advisor said that for PhD, student still can join within 2 or 3 weeks after the first class started.. Hope to see you guys!
  5. Thank you so much Abdelrahman.. That is sooo relaxing Do they put some period of time as you mentioned earlier?
  6. lets think positively, maybe they didnt give us response because they still wait some news from immigration. Hope our VISA is just delayed and we can come there in time
  7. another day without any updates from Masdar, the anxiety gets bigger and bigger
  8. I meant VISA rejection. Even though we have been accepted by Masdar, it is still possible we are rejected by UAE Immigration for obtaining the residence VISA. If you try googling about VISA for UAE, there have been many cases where the VISA is delayed or being rejected, mainly because of "security check" which is done by UAE gov (police department, I guess). It remains a mystery how this "security check" works
  9. as long as it's not a rejection, I think we still have some hope Pray to God
  10. Exactly, me too, at first I did not check hepatitis B vaccinnation since it was not listed in the proof of immunization form. @inggustavoospina: congratulation ! Did you provide them with hepatitis B record?
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