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  1. i was notified by my POI of the rejection. Good luck to the rest of you guys!
  2. are you guys talking about a general department ranking, or more of a ranking specific to interested field? What i meant is that, a program could be ranked as the best psych department, but perhaps 5th in the field of your interest VS. a program that has a 20 something department ranking but 1st or 2nd in the field. Is the field ranking you are talking about or the general overall ranking that concerns you?
  3. there are circles in every field. professors from the same circle of collaborative work will be sort of congregated at certain places. among these labs there will be lots of exchanges and connections. in this case, the fit matters. but usually, the labs from the same circle are sort of from similar programs with comparable rankings in their field. may not answer your question directly but hope it helps a bit
  4. that's really weird coz others like princeton already finished their interviews
  5. I guess probably should just forget about it now...
  6. some quantitative courses on Coursera were really helpful for me. i dont remember the name but they have a course teaching R specifically.
  7. michigan ann arbor also has it and seems to be very good
  8. The school was closed yesterday due to the storm. But agree with above, it's beyond stressful...
  9. me too... has anyone heard from Harvard? not clinical psych... but any information about which processing stage they are at would be greatly appreciated
  10. for clinical only? haven't heard anything about other areas, may I ask if you know about cognitive?
  11. Thank you allen_iit! Keep us updated! Good luck!
  12. just for clinical or for all? Has anyone who applied CBB heard from Harvard yet?
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