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  1. Thanks darklullaby and Shablam! I know it's not uncommon to have to apply again a second time. I'm just worried that the stakes are high for making sure I spend my time productively this upcoming year- I don't want to put myself in a position where I don't get accepted again next year.
  2. Would you guys be willing to dispense some advice? I didn't get accepted to any of the programs I was interested in (technically still waiting on one more program, but I'm fairly certain it's a rejection). First some background: I am currently finishing up my MA in a really great program. I was accepted to continue for my PhD, but I feel that maybe it's not quite the right fit for my long term goals. I'm kind of scared to let a good opportunity pass, especially when I don't have other offers, but I'm starting to feel more and more that a PhD is a huge committment and that I should only stay if I'm certain. My main question is, do any of you have experience with being shut out out one application season, then having success the second time around? If I'm taking time off from grad school, I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to make myself a stronger applicant. I know this is probably too vague and open-ended of a question, and is entirely subjective to me as an individual. But if anyone has general advice to what they thought made them a better applicant the next time they applied (whether that be tips on networking, getting publications out, getting an internship/fellowship to boost your resume, etc.) that would be much appreciated!
  3. pawnee_IN

    Bloomington, IN

    As a fellow Bloomingtonian, I can second all that AwkwardPants said! As far as your question about "weirdness" goes, I'm not quite sure what you mean but I can try to speak from my own experience. I think you'll meet plenty of people who are into "alternative" lifestyles around Bloomington. I'm in the humanities, so I can't speak to all of IU, but lots of my peers are into things like tattoos/piercings, different senses of personal style, things like veganism or straightedge lifestyles, and can be quite vocal about political opinions or social justice. Basically, I think you'll find that Bloomington is a fairly liberal community (especially for Southern Indiana). I see you're in sociology, and while I don't have knowledge of that specific program, I think the majority of the graduate courses here take a more informal approach- present yourself however you're most comfortable, and people aren't likely to judge you for it.
  4. Based on the archives of the results search, it looks like Yale has historically let admits know by a phone call on the 25th or the 26th. This means we could know tomorrow!!!! I don't think I'll be able to sit still in class or work.
  5. I'm sure you all are completely right about snow derailing the admissions process. I'm originally from a place that gets a ton of snow, and we were always expected to show up to class regardless. So now, whenever anyone uses snow as an excuse I tend to not buy it. Although perceptions of weather are of course relative to one's prior experiences. Man, this admissions process has made me extra judgy...
  6. Red_Barron: Thanks for making the call, you're awesome! It is nice to have a confirmed finite amount of time we have to wait, although it's torturous that they're going to make some people wait until early March to hear. I'm assuming Yale will send out decisions next week, and I was hoping to hear from Brown by then as well so that the admissions season would be over for me by the end of February. I'm sort of curious as to why this year was so different that they're sending out decisions in waves rather than all at once like they have for previous years. Surely the bad weather in the Northeast can't be the only reason?! Hopefully this doesn't mean that competition is extra tough this year.
  7. Thanks Red_Barron! My sadness over grad apps is rivalled only by my sadness over the ending of Parks and Rec. Why must you do this to me Leslie Knope?! I could really use an unending supply of your sunny disposition. On the subject of Brown: there was one person on this thread (WhatIsHirability) who claimed a Brown acceptance. The other is a complete mystery! I personally feel there is still hope- no one has posted rejections, so perhaps Brown reached out to a couple of people they really wanted extra early this year. I was *this* close to calling the department this morning, but I chickened out. I was nervous they would offer to check the status of my particular application, and then we could both enjoy the awkwardness of them telling me I was rejected/waitlisted over the phone. I'm probably just being extra paranoid...
  8. Thanks kateosee, you're very kind! My fingers are crossed too, and while I know it isn't too late to have not heard anything yet, I'm getting more and more anxious about it every day. On the subject of Brown, how does everyone here feel about calling the department to see if all admits have already gone out? I know I should just wait and see, but I have some things in my life that need arranging and it would be helpful to know as soon as possible. I just don't want them to feel like I'm pestering them, as I'm sure they get all kinds of phone calls and requests from applicants. So yay or nay? Is it a bad idea to call?
  9. Thanks for the welcome kateosee! And congrats on Michigan, it's such a great school (many members of my family went to UofM, and my mom's actually from Ann Arbor. Go Blue!). My background is in Art History and Folklore Studies, focusing generally on material culture and more specifically on clothing/textiles and Victorian photography. My dream program is probably Yale, Laura Wexler does some awesome work with photography there. I'm also still holding out for Brown- I know some acceptances were already posted, but I can't hope praying that because they've notified people much earlier than in previous years that there's still some hope out there for the rest of us!
  10. I was anticipating that offers would come out in about a week and a half, based on the results board from past years. I guess it's possible that they could still be sending out other offers. Fingers crossed!
  11. Hello everyone! I've been a long time lurker around this forum, but haven't had an official account until now. Congrats to the two Brown admits that are up on the results board! Am I correct in thinking that this is a bit earlier than offers have gone out in the past? Does Brown send out all admits at once, or do they send them out in waves? In other words, should I be assuming that I am either waitlisted or rejected if I didn't get an email (and when I log in to the online app it doesn't say anything)? I'm getting a little worried over here!
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