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  1. Hello all, For those who are in the FB group, have you read any posts from an Iowa acceptee who doesn't plan to attend? I scanned through posts here and didn't see any. Probably a long shot, but I figured I'd ask. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. This is helpful. Thanks! Thank God for change!
  3. Hello Folks, I was reading back through posts from over the past couple of months. There was mention of programs sometimes being "cutthroat." I'm not sure I understand how a program can be cutthroat. Help me out. I picture the experience like this: Students go to classes, do their work, work on their writing, treat everyone with respect, build relationships with their advisers, etc. How can one MFA student cut the throat of another MFA student? I saw a post in which someone mentioned that students gave their classmates incorrect deadline information. Isn't it our responsibility to know deadlines, and wouldn't it also be our responsibility to get information from faculty and/or the college\university's staff instead of simply asking our classmates? Your thoughts?
  4. I have the same situation Nibs and Lagoon91 have. It's a tough, but good, position to be in (considering that so many people don't get any acceptances or get onto a wait list).
  5. Has anyone seen any Brooklyn College fiction acceptances on the FB group?
  6. In terms of the waiting game, I sort of feel like like it's February again. Though I have an acceptance that I'm happy about, I'm also on the wait list at a school I'd really love to get into, and I'm still waiting on another school to start notifying. I'll be glad when it's over! Best of luck to us all!
  7. Wow, Everyblueline! That IS quite an acceptance list. Congrats! Are you sure you need an MFA? lol
  8. Nightsociety, My experienced MFA pals tell me that it's generally the first couple of weeks of April that waitlistees get their final decisions because many MFA programs require their accepted students to accept or deny the acceptance by April 15th-ish.
  9. I'll be so glad when all decisions are finalized and fall semester begins.
  10. What's your opinion on the three-year MFA program? Do you think the third year offers something wonderful that can't happen in the second year?
  11. Where might I find reviews on a program online? Does this site have them somewhere?
  12. Octoberstormxx, Congrats to you, too!! Yes, the letter arrived yesterday (Monday). Since I'd seen some people post that they received one, I was eager to get to my mailbox. So it was quite a cool feeling to see the envelope. Now, we wait! HeyIowa, thank you!
  13. I'm on the Iowa waitlist! I'm quite proud! lol
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