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  1. First off, thank you all for your generous advice. This forum has really exceeded my expectations. You have shown care and concern for me, the students, and the discipline with these thoughtful suggestions. I have done some research into the institutional guidelines here at my institution. I certainly have veered into murky territory. I should clarify that by "romantic" I didn't mean professions of desire or anything related to love. Our conversations were of the kind of intimate conversation that could occur between good friends. What worried me was that the subject of our post-class futur
  2. Alright friends, break out your pitchforks and your scarlet letters. I've become something of a cliché. I am a TA for an intro level class. I (M) and a senior (F) have found our friendship developing into something more than just a friendship. She is also in her 20s. She is not a major and is taking the class pass/fail for GE credit. Her work is sound and as long as it stays that way, no one would find reason to give her less than an A-. If this student deserved to fail, so would almost every student I've ever had! So here's the situation. We have exchanged phone numbers and have been tex
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