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  1. Hi, I'v been admitted for PhD at U of Alberta ( $27k CND funding first year) and U of South Florida (18k funding 9months) in Electrical Engineering, Microelectronics(Nanotechnology), I really don't know which one could be better, one is in US and another in Canada, I am an international student and it is a little bit easier for me to go to Canada, could you please help me to decide?
  2. Thanks for your guidance, but I really liked that position and that is my top choice, they told me they will inform all interviewees about the results...
  3. Dear all, I had an interview 4 months a go for a PhD position in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. I didn't receive any email after that, so I sent some emails and asked for the result, they told me to wait, I am really confused, I have had other interviews and I should decide, could you please guide me what to do, is this a normal process of an application in Chalmers? what could be happened to them that they spend this long time to decide? :/
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