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  1. I've recently decided that I want to have a career in higher education. (Academic advisor would be my dream job.) Right now I'm in between my sophomore and junior year of college, and I don't have a lot of experience. This past year I tutored math to small groups through my school's tutor program, and I was an administrative assistant for about 6 weeks for the school's TRIO tutoring program (started after spring break). I didn't have any student contact or anything for that one - just working on organizing information about the program so a report could be made about the effectiveness of the p
  2. Do sociology phd programs usually have a foreign language requirement? My college "strongly recommends" foreign language courses to students who are majoring in sociology and are considering graduate school. I haven't really seen much mention of this when I've looked online at different graduate programs, though. I'm not sure if I'm not looking in the right places or if a lot of places don't actually have a language requirement. As an undergraduate, I have to minor in something. Basically, if the foreign language requirement is quite common, I'd probably want to minor in a language. If it'
  3. I know it can probably vary quite a bit, but can anyone tell me what a sociology graduate student could expect to get for a stipend if they get funding? Or, if you don't mind, what do you get for a stipend? Do you have enough so that you could potentially work towards paying off your undergraduate loans while in school (whether or not you actually do)? Basically, graduate school is a long way off for me, but I'm probably going to graduate with my bachelor's degree with a lot of debt. I'd like to make some progress on my debt while I'm working on my master's/doctorate's degree. Would it be
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