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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if anybody might have some advice regarding making the leap from a BFA (major in drawing) to an MA in Art History? I have a few art history and critical theory courses under my belt, but I have to admit that my grades in some of them suffered as I was so focused on my studio practice at the time. I left undergrad with flying colors in those studio courses though, a handful of scholarships and awards - though I'm not sure those will be very helpful. After a few years off (I graduated in 2012) and maintaining a studio practice, I've concluded that studying Art His
  2. Relief. I didn't think they were either. I may just be a bit on edge over the whole process, haha.
  3. Brilliant! Thank you! Did either of you interview / how did they go? I'm anxious about this one!
  4. Not a thing from UW Seattle! Going crazy waiting to hear something! Interviewing with Purchase as well!
  5. Hey Madhini, I also applied to Notre Dame (painting), haven't heard a peep from them yet!
  6. It's a very subjective opinion depending on so many things. I racked up $140k debt on undergrad. My parents didn't pay for school, never gave me a dime for my books, brushes, fuel, or anything related to school whatsoever - and I never asked - I was on my own. But considering that when I was enrolling in undergrad and applying for aid, and they make a decent amount of money, there were a lot of grants/awards that I couldn't get, despite that they were not helping with tuition or supplies whatsoever. So I had to use loans for funding, and a $90k scholarship. Without going into detail,
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