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  1. @pavlik Thanks for all your useful posts! I have some questions How were you able to find roommates? Craigslist or did you use school resources like the housing website? When you lived further away from the campus, how was the commute especially during winter? I was advised to live within walking distance from the campus, but I am currently weighing this option against living near a metro stop/shuttle stop. Thanks in advance!
  2. Is anybody still waiting for news/updates on financial aid? April 15 is a few days away.
  3. Oh okay, I thought it had something to do with my computer. Whew! I received word on funding for MIDP 10 days after I received my acceptance letter.
  4. Is anybody else having problems with printing their admission letter? There seems to be a problem with the margin on the right side of the page; it will print a portion of the sentence but will trail off towards the end. Thanks! BTW did anyone out there attend the Open House last March 27? Care to share your experience/thoughts about it? Thanks again!
  5. Same issue with the private chat code. I hope they fix this soon.
  6. Hi! I was able to access my admissions letter at 11AM March 16 (DC time) on the website. I received the official email notification 6 hours after, at around 5PM March 16 (DC time). No info on funding, so I'm eager to hear back from them about that soon. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the tip! Did you have to wait very long to access the admissions letter? How long did it take them to respond? Congrats on your acceptance!
  8. Still waiting to hear back from them too. I applied to the MIDP program.
  9. Admitted, but no funding. Is there a chance that funded offers that were declined would make its way to some admitted students who didn't receive funding (post-April 15)? Haha
  10. Got in! No info on funding though. Edited: The Resources page for admitted students says that funding info would have been included in the admission letter. So... hmm...
  11. Does anyone know how funding is like for Harris? Also, I can't seem to find more information on internship opportunities available to students.
  12. Harris Admissions has a pretty active twitter account. On March 3 they tweeted that decisions would be sent out in 7-10 days... which is this week. Good luck to all of us!
  13. Hi! Not a lot of posts on MIDP admits over at the Results search page for previous years either. It seems that last year results were released mid-March. Hopefully we get to hear back this week! Do you have any idea of how funding is for MIDP?
  14. Hi everyone. First off, congrats to all the MPP admits! This might be a bit off-topic and I might be in the wrong thread. Anyway, are results for MIDP and MPP typically released in separate time periods? Seeing that MPP results have been released for the Fall 2015 class, I have grown a bit anxious about the MIDP results. I applied to MIDP program, and have not heard from the school since (except for confirmation that all my application materials have been submitted). Anyone out there who applied to the MIDP program and heard back already?
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