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  1. Hello @Madiha! Congratulations on your acceptances!! The program at Rutgers is solid and, considering the recent changes, looks as though it will only get better. You'll be entering the program at an exciting time. I'd pick Rutgers without hesitation. Again, congratulations!!
  2. Congratulations @mlarghydracept!! My strong suggestion is to make every effort to visit UCLA this week so you can make an informed decision. Good luck!
  3. @RelmNice to be in good company on Cornell's waiting list.
  4. Congratulations to you, @beemovie. Hoping we all receive good news from the schools who have yet to make decisions and wishing everyone the best of luck with upcoming interviews!
  5. Interview at Oxford! feeling happy but nervous
  6. Oops, I didn't mean to exclude you @dryheat. Good luck to you, too!!
  7. Me, too! Good luck to you @cpw0021 , and all of the other Northwestern applicants! @gtakaoka If it helps, I'm sharing your panic and anxiety.
  8. As others have expressed, Magoosh is indeed fantastic! Magoosh has a GRE Vocabulary Flash Card app and a GMAT Math Flash Card app that I found very useful for my GRE preparation. I supplemented Magoosh Quantitative preparation with a private tutor (Skype sessions) who is absolutely outstanding! PM me if you'd like his contact information. Good luck!
  9. Yes. Invitations to interview with UCSB were recently extended. Perhaps it's worth your while to check in with Carol Talley? ctalley@hfa.ucsb.edu Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!
  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a similar story and wholeheartedly agree that the experience of applying (and interviewing) along with time to recalibrate, make new work and build experience has been invaluable. Congratulations to you, dryheat! And, congrats to everyone else for staying the arduous course of applying to grad school.
  11. Thank you for info! Stanford's admission page indicated a gap between the application deadline and the committee's review. I believe their timeline re notice jibes with most other schools. Grueling! Good luck!!
  12. Congratulations! I'm anxious to hear from Northwestern too!
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