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    So I'm going to be moving to Houston come January 2016, attending UoH. I am planning to stay off-campus, I believe it will be the most economical for me. From what I have scavenged from online and offline sources, places to stay include Medical Center, Midtown, Montrose, EaDo (East Downtown). Can folks living/have lived in these areas chime in with their specific recommendations. I will initially be using public transport (yes, even though it's Houston - my bit for the traffic), will maybe get a car if I am able to pull off funding of some sorts (not till Fall 2016 at the least). I would prefer an area that is interesting, with a chill, young populace and somewhat affordable watering holes. Possibly somewhere I can commute by bus/rail to UoH and reaching in an hour? I spent some time in Glasgow and Edinburgh and liked the bohemian atmosphere there, maybe if there are such places around Houston? This is me trying to resuscitate the thread. Cheers,

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