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    Toronto, ON

    Hi friend. I commented on family housing just above. In terms of "livable grad student income"--that's tricky, especially since I've only got one kid to consider. Haha. Will your partner be working? For a 3 bedroom apartment or house, I think you could find someplace liveable for $2.5k/month... but that's the floor. More likely looking at $3k or more for rent. I guess from there you can extrapolate a living income where $36k/year in rent is 30-35% of your budget or whatever...
  2. ethrec

    Toronto, ON

    I've had a good amount of colleagues who have lived there. I think it's very much relative to your expectations... though that may go without saying. The lower rent does match the fact that the student family apartments are very small. At the same time, you could end up paying twice as much for something just as small and poorly maintained trying to find affordable housing elsewhere. It's kind of a mixed bag, in my opinion. I've had friends complain about late night street noise (Yonge St.), bug problems on the bottom four floors, heat problems on the higher up floors, and sun probl
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