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  1. A person I know get into HGSE for M.A. Background - GPA 3.9 (2nd rank in class) from School of education, university in South East Asia - GRE V660/Q680/AWA 3.5 - TOEFL (paper-based) above 600 TWE 3 - LOR from HGSE Alumni - 1.5-2 years teaching experience in private school in his country Hope this helps.
  2. My husband and I live comfortably (not luxury) on the fellowship he gets from the school in Stanford. I enjoy cooking and we eat out once a week (for sushi). :arrow: The important thing is that you should find grocery stores to get things with a reasonable price, asian ones in particular There are many around the area such as in Sunnyvale/Cupertino/San jose. Those area are not far from Stanford. I used to stay in London as a grad student which the living expense there is also very high but still manageable because I can shop for food with reasonable price easily (the china town market there is not far from the university I attended). While living two years in Chicago, the grocery budget each time was higher and the quality of food is not that good. When we moved to Stanford, we spend around $50 per week for 2 persons on every meal. Also I agree with rising_star that slower cooker is great.
  3. Fall 2008 at SUSE. M.A. in Learning Design and Technology. Are you going for an admit day on April 7th?
  4. I don't think you can do this, I'm not sure what country you are from but most of the international students have to get/change visa type from the U.S.Embassy in their country. In my case, I used to carry them both. For a better answer, I think you should check with the University's international office, usually the staff there deal with immigration issue of international students.
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