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  1. Correct, I want to pursue my LCSW then do individual and group work. I think the correct timeline is something like grad school > first year > last two years/internship > hours and lcsw test. I would like to have that planned out a little more regardless of my SOP. For my SOP, the reason I want to work with that group of people is because I have had a very difficult life and so I became interested in helping people through situations I've been through myself. I faced many situations including cancer, and now I just face chronic pain and depression. My work and my desire to help others were born out of difficult experiences. My job didn't really help me realize any of that. I took it because I needed a job and wanted to help people. Should I BS and say my job helped me realize what I wanted to do? I feel like I need to connect my job to what my goals are, but I feel like that connection is weak. At my job I teach normal behaviors to mostly autistic kids. On the other hand, my desire is to be a therapist that specializes in helping people deal with physical pain and disability.
  2. I graduated with a BA in Psych from a Cal State. I want to pursue my MSW at Cal State Fullerton. Currently I teach mentally disabled people normal social and functional behaviors using a range of behaviorism techniques. I tried to talk to an academic advisor, but the school I graduated from does not have an MSW program One personal statement question asks: Specify your career objectives as a professional social worker as you now conceive them. Indicate the fields of practice in which you are interested. My desired position is to work in clinical as a psychotherapist. I want to see all types of patients, but I would like to specialize in working with individuals and families that deal with chronic pain and/or disability. Basically I have no idea how to answer this. What are my options for a career? What fields of practice could I work in? What would a timeline for my career look like? How can I do both direct/group work and at the same time engage in community development or policy practice? Thanks you all in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my questions.
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