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  1. Thanks for response, just saw it now. Still haven't applied. not comfortable just writing out all the i know about Asian American lives, except online. need more of a sense of authorship. i want a grad program to give me structure and something to aim for, since i need some structure. i've been familiar w/MAPS for years - have attended many of their in-person events that are open to the public. That's mainly how i know USF. and from there, i've attended some other USF events, though not many. there's a lot about MAPS events that i like - interesting and delving deep into specific a
  2. @TMP I know it's a little hard to know just what my struggles are based on what I've posted in this thread. My difficulties are very complex. If you'd like to hear more in a PM, let me know. Thanks for the link to Judy Wu at UC Irvine. I'll check out her profile and maybe contact her to see if she can offer any insights.
  3. Thanks for all the responses so far. I'm mainly interested in Asian American Studies - and from a social justice standpoint, too. I've noticed that Asian American Studies programs focus a lot on discrimination, stereotyping, and injustices - what Asian Americans have faced for centuries in America. Whereas Asian studies programs are a lot less about that - little to no social justice focus - because it's about Asians in Asia. The vibe of Asian studies lectures I've attended have been very neutral, while the vibe of Asian American stuff tend to be angry and sad - from trauma and injustice.
  4. I had an underwhelming GPA in a difficult major from a top 10 but underrated public research university. I'm also in my late 30s - I've been thinking of grad/professional school for a long time, but I know it will be very challenging, and may not be worth it.For a while now, I'm been thinking of applying to the M.A. in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley and the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at University of San Francisco. I'd much prefer Asian American Studies, but very few schools offer an M.A. in that - the closest one seems to be UCLA, and I'd like to stay local and commute to school. There's an M
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