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  1. Hi Everyone, Who do you send the rejection email to?
  2. Hey, I went to the January interview day, was accepted in February. I officially accepted the offer
  3. Not really, both cost you about the same. If you have roommates its not that bad. (Also, it depends on your lifestyle)
  4. Anyone planning on attending Sripps, Florida?
  5. Hello, Did any international applicants living in USA get invitation from UNC, Chapel Hill? Thank you!!!
  6. Has anyone interviewed at SCRIPPS before or know anyone that has interviewed there? Graduate program coordinator said "I strongly advise that you do your homework on all faculty you meet with" I wonder how much I should be knowing about the professors. I will be meeting with 6 professors
  7. Hey, thank you! Did they tell you about the international applicants or domestic applicants?
  8. Congratulations! I submitted mine before the priority deadline, I guess then its a rejection
  9. Does anyone know if Vanderbilt IGP has sent all the invitations or if they are still reviewing? Did any international students get invitation from Vanderbilt? I saw one on the survey
  10. no reason, it was a default color, changed it to black.
  11. Hi People, Could anyone give advice on emailing POI after the interview, please? Thanks!!!
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