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  1. I have to take the GRE still (I'm dreading the math portion), but I am fairly confident that I can score on the other two sections. Your advice was very helpful! I'll definitely be applying to MA and PhD programs and see what sticks. I'm hoping that my research paper from my senior history seminar will suffice, after edits of course. I will keep working on German (I took it my last two years of undergrad, but I've found that it's hard to keep it up when I'm not using it everyday), and I definitely need to brush up on my French, since the last time I took it was in high school (though I can get
  2. I actually graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, but I've looked into applying to Wisconsin. Thanks for all the help! I'll for PM you if I have any more questions!
  3. I would be using a paper that I wrote for a history seminar, which is about 24 pages long.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a recent graduate from a highly prestigious midwestern university, and am looking into getting my MA or PhD in History in the next year or so. The problem is that I cannot tell if I am competitive for the schools that I am looking at. I was pre-med freshman year, and taking science classes tanked my GPA (I graduated with a 3.5, scraping by with college honors). I also did not write a thesis my senior year. I am primarily interesting in German history, looking at the intersection between gender, bodily agency, and war, particularly in the context of the WWII-post WWII era. I h
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