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  1. same here, not very happy about it, but sure we have a good chance next time. spring 2016 is also an option as they advised. things will resolce itself in time, other doors open. best wishes
  2. Hi guys, I am very sorry to hear about the loss. Your goals are set good. When you keep being motivated and continue your journey in science, you will find out other doors will open for you after one closes. The best to you in life, I am not informed yet but don't expect complications. Kind Regards
  3. quite an adventure to get in, once you get in... it is still as if it is a journey by itself to actually get there... imagine once we are there... it will be survival of the fittest lol well, glad to hear we are in simular positions. you guys read the news today? some big losses... too bad, lets hope the country stays in good shape. What kind of physics will your PhD research focus on?, do you have an idea on which level 600 courses you will take? I guess once we are there, it's about quick thinking, in the masters we have 4 core courses, 4 electives. I will focus on solar orientated courses, maybe do a 600 level one, but too bad of the late start... makes things a bit more complicated, but nothing we can do... I think every semester they check your GPA, needs to be above 3 to stay out of trouble, lets help eachother out if needed. How old are you guys? I am 30, this will be sort of a second masters, also in chemistry, different from what I have done obviously. I heared the same when it comes to master students and arriving late, at least 2 weeks is ok I think, after 1st lectures, so lets hope we get it this week, and fly Saturday.
  4. My feeling says no longer then a week before it arrives, but that feeling is not scientifically supported... :). I have sent the vaccination documents the 17th of August, you? I have considered to buy a return ticket and try to start with a tourist visa, and gradually transform it when the student visa is ready. But you can't get a refund on that ticket and it may cause more logistical issues to getting the right visa, not recommended at the moment. choosing your supervisor is important, but surely this is one of those things that resolves itself in time... In the beginning it is mainly following courses I think. Keep us posted ^^
  5. Hey, any news? I am also one of those students waiting for his Visa. I am sure it will solve itself in the upcoming week. It has happend before indeed from what others have told me. Surely they will accept us, it is out of our hands... The only annoying thing, is the lectures you miss out on, it means its tougher to get a good start... Keep us posted! Looking forward to meet you too!
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